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Choir perform at Two Locks Church in Cwmbran

The Sound of Wales TLC Community Choir did an evening performance at Two Locks Church in Cwmbran.

The choir was only set up in November 2021 and has over 30 members. The 70 guests in the audience enjoyed songs from The Beatles, Neil Diamond, Billy Joel and several musicals.

Choir leader Julia Jones, a singer and songwriter from New Inn, created the choir and said members told her how singing in a group boosts their well-being and gives them a sense of belonging and togetherness.

She said: ”It was a fabulous evening and all participants have a passion to sing and I was delighted to showcase their hard work.”

Money raised from the evening was given to The Wellbeing Centre at the church to support their food share schemes. New members aged over 14 are welcome to join the choir. For further information email [email protected]

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Choir perform at Two Locks Church in Cwmbran

a choir sing in a church
The Sound of Wales TLC Community Choir in Two Locks Church