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The Ospreys win an action-packed wheelchair rugby tournament in Pontypool

Four wheelchair rugby teams took part in a tournament on Saturday at Pontypool Active Living Centre.

It was organised by the Dragons Wheelchair Rugby team, who are based in Torfaen. They invited the Ospreys, the Worcester Warriors and the Taunton Gladiators to take part.

two rows of wheelchair rugby players shake hands after a match
(Photo: Cwmbran Life)

Ieuan Coombes, head coach at the Dragons, told Cwmbran Life: “Today is the first installment of Wales and West Development League. It’s an opportunity, actually it’s a really important part of our programme. It’s a chance for new and less experienced players to get their first taste of wheelchair rugby.

“The aim is to try and get people as much experience and as much time on the court. It’s probably one of our proudest days because some of the players are making their first starts. As a coach, it’s really pleasing.

a wheelchair rugby player about to cross the line
A player about to cross the line to score (Photo: Cwmbran Life)

“Even for me as an experienced player, to play in front of your friends and family is really good, particularly for the new players in the team. Because our leagues tend to be centrally located in the UK, we don’t often play at home.”

Ieuan spoke about the benefits that players get out of being part of a wheelchair rugby team. He said: “I think the social side of it is massive, the chance to make friends, meet new people. But also the physical benefits. It is a sport with lots of skills involved, catching, throwing, pushing, and tactical play.

“If you’re new to wheelchair rugby, you probably miss the tactics that are involved.

a wheelchair rugby match
(Photo: Cwmbran Life)

“I think the biggest thing and the thing I’m proudest of with our squad is how family-tight we are. It’s probably the thing that makes me most happy but we want to win as well, of course.”

a wheelchair rugby match
(Photo: Cwmbran Life)

In the final the Ospreys beat the Dragons 25-11. Taunton Gladiators beat the Worcester Warriors 21-11 in the third versus fourth.

Watch the final between the Dragons and the Ospreys

The Dragons train at the Bowden Active Living Centre in Trevethin every Thursday from 6pm to 8pm. New players are always welcome.

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The Ospreys win an action-packed wheelchair rugby tournament in Pontypool

a huge group photo of wheelchair rugby players- there are about 50 in the photoi
The players and coaches from the four wheelchair rugby teams at the tournament (Photo: Cwmbran Life)