Tobias Robertson
Tobias Robertson Credit: Tobias Robertson

When Tobias Robertson finishes his afternoon set at Crow Fest he won’t be racing off to another gig.

The Newport-based singer songerwriter told me he turned down a booking for the evening on Saturday 20 July so he can join the crowd at Cwmbran Stadium and enjoy the festival with his partner and friends.

This interview was carried out thanks to the support of Cwmbran Community Council.

He said: “When I saw the line-up as well, it’s amazing local talent. I’m honoured to be asked to be part of that.

“I know the guys in Apple Tree Theory, we’ve been friends for a long time so I always enjoy watching them play.

“I haven’t seen 2Rude play since the Big Splash festival in Newport a few years ago so I’m really looking forward to them. I mean the whole line-up is amazing, GLC as well.

“The last time I saw GLC was in Newport Square berfore Friars Walk was built. That was over ten years ago I think.

“We’ve got a real eclectic mix. We’ve got Apple Tree Theory doing bluegrass country covers, 2Rude ska and reggae, GLC with own stuff rap, like boom-bap comedy rap.

“We’ve got an Elvis impersonator.”

Tobias was a contestant on BBC One’s The Voice in 2016.

He’s planning a different approach for this outdoor gig at Cwmbran Stadium.

He added: “My range is usually based on looking out at the crowd and going ‘right I think they’ll like this’ but when you’re in a space as big as that it’s going to be interesting.

“So I’m just going to go with some favourites and stuff like I know Apple Tree don’t do. I’ll be keeping it a little bit chilled but starting to get more lively as it builds up. I’ll be doing acoustic versions of some Motown songs and maybe some 90s bangers. I might throw a bit of Cher in there just to keep it interesting.

“I like taking songs that people don’t do acoustic and flipping and doing them by myself.

“I don’t think I’ve ever played on a line-up that’s been more enticing for lovers of music of all kinds.

“To have so many fantastic acts all covering slightly different bases but all knowing they’ll be people who’ll deliver the highest quality entertainment.

“And you’ve got all that for just £5 and that’s unheard of. That feeling of being in a crowd that’s all connected through that music, I think it’s an important part of community that in some areas is slipping away.

“I’m actually attending as well. I’m not just playing. I’m going there for the whole thing, go play my set and then I’m going to be in the crowd with everyone and just enjoying music.”

Tobias Robertson will play at Crow Fest along with Goldie Lookin’ ChainTravis George , Gypsy PistolerosApple Tree TheoryCapital City Jazz2RudeDarren ‘Graceland’ Jones and No One Knows.

Crow Fest tickets

Tickets are available on Eventbrite. Click here to visit the events page.

Tickets are £5.94 each (includes a 94p booking fee). A ticket for an adult with an under 18 is £7 (includes £1.01 booking fee).

Crow Fest is being organised by  Cwmbran Community Council to celebrate the New Town’s 75th anniversary.

Crow Fest- important information

Food and drink will be on sale. Anyone who looks under 25 will be asked for ID if they want to buy alcohol.

The festival is on the outdoor pitch so suitable footwear must be worn. High heels or chairs won’t be allowed. Festival goers are welcome to bring picnic blankets.

Crow Fest runs from 2pm to 10pm. Last entry 7pm.