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‘150-year-old’ oak tree in Cwmbran damaged in fire attack

A Cwmbran oak tree estimated to be around 150-years-old has been set on fire and large gaps now appear in its base.

The tree is in Greenmeadow Woods, an area that a local history expert, says contains ‘sacred, ancient sites’ that he and colleagues have been investigating and highlighting for years. Richard Davies, founder of the Cwmbran Ancient Society, wants to highlight the damage to the oak and encourage the vandal or vandals to leave it alone.

During our video interview, Richard was able to put his hand through large gaps from one side of the tree to the other. He warned that if the oak gets attacked again it could topple and seriously injure anyone in the nearby area.

a man kneeling at base of fire-damaged oak tree
Richard can put his hand through the large gaps in the base of tree

He said: “They reckon 2,500 species of life live on an oak, you know. Thirty-eight species of birds in this country depend on oak trees. Over 1,200 or 1,300 species of insects live on oak. Without the insects, you’ve got no birds, you’ve got all sorts of disasters. They reduce our carbon footprint more than any other tree.”

He urged parents to ask their children what they have been doing if they, “come home smelling of smoke.”

VIDEO: Watch Richard explains what has happened to the tree and why it’s so serious


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‘150-year-old’ oak tree in Cwmbran damaged in fire attack

Man kneeling by fire-damaged oak tree
Richard Davies at the base of the fire-damaged oak tree in Greenmeadow Woods