This talented four-year-old boy has been causing walkers and skaters at Cwmbran boating lake to stop and stare. Chester Creel, from Abertillery, has become a hit at the popular skate park thanks to his scooter skills.

Watch this brilliant You Tube video that his dad filmed at Cwmbran skate park by the boating lake.

Despite his age and size he has no fear when it comes to enjoying the ramps and half pipes.

His dad Matthew said: “He had a three wheeler when he was two. Once he had his balance we got him a two wheeler. We visit the park in Cwmbran or Pontypool every weekend.

“The older skaters and people walking by stand and look flabbergasted when they watch him. I’ve heard the teenagers shout ‘don’t go down there’ to him. He gets a lot of attention.”

The youngster had his first accident this week while scooting in Abertillery. Matthew said: “His wheel jammed and he fell over the handlebars and cut his chin. The nurse glued the cut and the first thing he said was ‘can I go on my scooter?'”

In the last few seconds of the clip Chester’s younger brother, Rudi, scoots into view. This two year-old looks like he is following in his brother’s footsteps.

Watch Chester in action

The park attracts some amazing young people who put so much hard work into their sport. This link takes you to a clip from last year of a BMX rider in the park that has been viewed over 81,000 times.


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