1. Cwmbran – you rock!! X pic.twitter.com/V5os2Sz8
  2. Kamandsally
    Not long now before we head off to switch the Cwmbran lights on in Gwent Square. #excited see u there from 5pm onwards.
  3. Met @ThomasTeago in Cwmbran earlier! @rosieehunnt @BethAdahPurnell @KristyLeigh23 #fitasflip pic.twitter.com/T5McQt9Z
  4. Donna Parfitt
    Just been to watch cwmbran light being switched on thats it now need to put my christmas dec up
  5. Tom Ellis
    Fair play that was a productive night, went to see the Christmas lights be switched on in Cwmbran and got talking to Cam and Sally off capital fm and the plugged our album and mentioned me and Russell personally x
  6. @Kamandsally started Christmas in Cwmbran tonight! If we pap’d you tonight pictures will be online soon pic.twitter.com/zvHaYFRO
  7. Amyannbolton
    Good time with everyone at cwmbran lights going to see peter andre on saturday and breaking dawn part 2 friday @KStewTweets @NikkiReed_I_Am
  8. sle_xo
    christmas light turned on in cwmbran tonight #Eeeee #excitingtimes ��
  9. charlbrennan
    CWMBRAN WAS ABSOLUTELY PACKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Cwmbran you were amazing & so loud! I love you all ๐Ÿ˜‰ x #BigLove pic.twitter.com/exZUJ4hf
  11. Kamandsally
    If you got your picture taken at the Cwmbran Xmas lights tonight, remember to check out the photos online at http://capitalfm.com tomorrow.x
  12. Mike69meat
    Ben with @Kamandsally in Cwmbran ! Nice to meat you guys !!
  13. Ben with @Kamandsally in Cwmbran tonight . Nice to meat you guys pic.twitter.com/fFHXwkxz
  14. Our view of @Kamandsally turning on the Christmas lights in Cwmbran. pic.twitter.com/UHwcjz7t
  15. chloewebber25
    Did not know so many people cared about Cwmbran Christmas lights, it’s absolutely packed and all I want to do is shop
  16. @Kamandsally started Christmas in Cwmbran tonight! If we pap’d you tonight pictures will be online soon pic.twitter.com/zvHaYFRO
  17. JDashhh
    just seen adele in cwmbran, fp her facial expressions are outstanding! @xemilywilson and the rest
  18. Alaanax
    looks like I’m the only person who didn’t go to see cwmbran lights ha
  19. RichieRJ
    To say the switching on of the Xmas lights in Cwmbran was a good turn out is an understatement !!!
  20. @ThomasTeago on stage Cwmbran Xmas light switch on! pic.twitter.com/73Heqpi8
  21. SA55KEW
    In Cwmbran town centre with @ErinAskew waiting for the Xmas lights to be turned on!! Oh my I’m soooo excited I think I’ve just pooped myself
  22. Wicked to meet these boys @pricey_4321 at Cwmbran Christmas lights x pic.twitter.com/UUBd3aux
  23. @ThomasTeago backstage at the Cwmbran Xmas Light Switch on getting ready to go an wow the massive crowd! pic.twitter.com/iK8Vv5rE
  24. Having an awssome night at the Cwmbran Christmas Lights switch on. Here are the lush ones pic.twitter.com/HFQBtBjs
  25. And more lush ones! We love Cwmbran!! pic.twitter.com/X7bdn26s
  26. Can you spot yourself? “@Kamandsally: And more lush ones! We love Cwmbran!! pic.twitter.com/cR3nWGZt”
  27. We are at Cwmbran Christmas lights switch on @Kamandsally are turning them on at 7pm and we are taking your pictures! pic.twitter.com/z7eHiB09
  28. davenadamUK
    Good luck to @Kamandsally @kamkelly! Get down to Cwmbran at 5pm to see them turn the lights on!
  29. CurtisBromley
    They’re turning the christmas lights on in cwmbran! #holidaysarecoming
  30. ThomasTeago
    Cwmbran Christmas Lights, Soundcheck done! On stage at 6:45pm & will be turning on the lights at 7:00pm #LetsGo #BigLove

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