a wooden seat overlooking a lake. the floorboards have been pulled up
The wooden viewing platform at Cwmbran Boating Lake has fallen into disrepair over the last few years Credit: Cwmbran Life

I love the boating lake but that’s not news. Here is a little bit of (good) news. For a couple of years now, the wooden viewing platform has been fenced off meaning visitors haven’t been able to stand or sit and enjoy the view.

I’ve seen its condition worsen over such a long time with moss covering large parts of the boards.

When I’m at the lake I’m not usually in ‘story-spotting’ mode. I’ve just assumed the lack of repairs are down to council budgets and its one of those things that will eventually get sorted out.

Anyway last Monday (8 April), I went for a run and did a few laps of the lake and something caught my eye. A contractor’s works van had just parked up by the fenced off area and a man was carrying some tools. By the time I did another lap or two he was pulling up the wooden boards.

I contacted the council to ask what was happening and if the platform was being repaired.

This is the statement I was given:

Councillor Mandy Owen, executive member for the environment, said:  “The boardwalk at the Boating Lake has deteriorated during recent years due to age and wear which meant we had to restrict public access. However, I’m please to say that funding has been secured enabling us to renew the facility.

“The aim is to have the work completed by the end of June.

“We hope that by the time the boardwalk has been repaired residents and visitors will have some good weather to enjoy it.”