a padel court
Work on the third padel court in Cwmbran Credit: Cwmbran Life

Growing demand from padel players has led to a third court being opened in Cwmbran so more people can enjoy the sport.

Padel is a mix of tennis and squash played on a small, walled court. It’s easier to learn than tennis with less emphasis on power. The walls are in play, so you can bounce the ball off them like in squash. Matches are scored like tennis, but serves are made underhand.

The sport arrived in Cwmbran in January 2022 with two covered courts opening at Woodland Road in Croesyceiliog meaning it can be played all year round.

The venue was chosen to host the Welsh Padel Open in May 2023. Over 60 players from across the UK and Europe competed in Cwmbran.

three padel courts
The Welsh Padel Centre in Cwmbran Credit: Cwmbran Life

David Cornwell, director of the Welsh Padel Centre, told Cwmbran Life: “In Cwmbran, we are experiencing uptake of padel reflecting the global growth. In fact, at peak periods members were having difficulty in reserving courts. So, I’m delighted to say that we have decided to install a third court.

“When we set out to introduce the new sport of padel to South Wales, we weren’t sure what the uptake would be so we invested in two courts and put in the infrastructure for a third court at a future date. The time has arrived when demand justifies the additional investment.

“The addition of the third court will not only provide more capacity for our growing membership, it will also mean that we can hold higher ranked tournaments. Currently the annual Welsh Padel Open is an LTA level 3 (classified as ‘Regional’) tournament due to the number of courts available. Next year we should be able to have it classified as a ‘national’ level tournament.”

The Welsh Padel Open

This 2024 Welsh Padel Open takes place in Cwmbran during the late May bank holiday weekend from 25-27 May.

Where is the Welsh Padel Centre in Cwmbran?