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Seventeen complaints about noise from Torfaen pubs and bars

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MORE than half of the complaints about licensed premises in Torfaen over the final months of the summer were about noise from clubs and bars. 

During July, August and September the borough council’s licensing department received 29 complaints about pubs and other places licensed to sell booze, and most of those were noise nuisance complaints. 

It received 17 complaints either about loud music from venues or the noise generated by customers outside of them. Some of those complaints are now being further investigated by the council’s environmental health department. 

Members of the licensing committee were told at their November meeting that there were also three complaints about premises acting outside of their licences. Licensing officers, and other from the council, and other bodies have visited some of the businesses as a result and issued advice. 

Licensing officers have also worked with trading standards, who deal with sales of alcohol to those who are under age, after a tip off a youngster had been drinking at a venue. 

As a result the  licence holder was issued with a final written warning while in another case a licence holder, who has previously been advised about a possible review of their licence, was reminded of the advice related to the supply of alcohol to those underage. In that case the council said it had no evidence provided “to substantiate these complaints/allegations”. 

No locations or businesses were identified in the report to the committee. 

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Seventeen complaints about noise from Torfaen pubs and bars