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Torfaen voters get extra weekend to cast their vote in 2022 elections

Torfaen voters will take part in a “flexible voting” pilot for the 2022 local and community council elections.

The Welsh Government has set out plans for next year’s elections to increase the number of people registered to vote and to introduce new flexible voting schemes so voting can take place before election day.

The Civic Centre in Pontypool will be used as an advanced polling station on the Saturday and Sunday before Election Day on Thursday 5 May. Any Torfaen resident can cast their vote over that weekend.

Stephen Vickers, chief executive officer at Torfaen Council, said: “We want the local government and community council elections in May 2022 to be as accessible as possible and ensure that everyone who wants to vote, can vote, which is why we put our hand up to be a pilot for flexible voting.

“This option may be particularly welcomed by anyone not registered for an absent vote and who may otherwise struggle to visit their polling station on election day.

“It is also vital to engage young people in democracy and give them their voice. We want our newly enfranchised voters aged 16 and 17 to register and then use their vote in the local and community council elections. I know from speaking to young people that lowering the voting age in Wales has had a great response and it’s a real envy of their friends living in England.

“Plus we’re always looking to involve residents in the work of the council. We currently have live consultations on local travel, play, the climate and the economy, so head over to our consultation hub by searching ‘Get Involved Torfaen’ or visiting”.

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Torfaen voters get extra weekend to cast their vote in 2022 elections

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