Millions of viewers saw John Adams impress the judges on tonight’s X Factor. The maths teacher heard all four judges say yes after hearing him sing. He said he was from Aberdare but he does now live  in Cwmbran. My niece has just told me he is a teacher at Fairwater high school in the town. John sent a tweet on his profile  on 4 September that said

im from aberdare, lived n cardiff but just moved to cwmbran!!! lol

His performance tonight has boosted his followers to 11,156 (at 11.26pm)

He has his own You Tube channel and has already loaded up tonight’s clips. Here is a video he posted on 4 April 2011 with the message

Hi guys im auditioning for x factor on the weekend and i was wondering if you could be simon cowell for tthe day nd help me out with my song choice!!! thank you.



Good luck John. The comments on Facebook and Twitter show you’ve got a lot of supporters already.

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