A post last week on the Scene 123 cinema in Cwmbran brought back lots of memories for local people.

The price of £2.50 for a ticket is incredible. I took my daughter there yesterday to watch The Three Stooges. This was my first visit since 1993.

We visited the tuck shop (if you’ve never been here this is the best description) where you can buy sweets. At this point during a visit to the ‘big name’ cinemas my wallet breaks out into a sweat.

Here at Scene 123 we picked out a bag of fruit gums and a can of Coca Cola for the pocket money price of £1.70. This was £1 for the fruit gums and 70p for the can.


That’s £6.70 for two people to watch a film with snacks. This must be the cheapest cinema in Wales. Yes or no?

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