two women in a kitchen
Doris and Christine want to encourage more people to volunteer Credit: Salvation Army

Two Salvation Army volunteers in Cwmbran are encouraging more people to get involved with their local community to help and support others.

Christine Jones, 69, and Doris Swain, 77, have volunteered in the kitchen at the Salvation Army Church in Cwmbran for the last three years.

They work twice a month during lunch at the church’s community café.

Christine is Cwmbran born and bred, while Doris is a long-time member of the Salvation Army from Basingstoke, who moved to Wales when her daughter joined the Salvation Army here.

two women in a kitchen
Christine and Doris volunteer at the Salvation Army in Old Cwmbran Credit: Salvation Army

Doris said: “It’s heartwarming to be able to help so many people. We get some who find themselves without a home to go to, so this is a haven for them. Somewhere safe and warm. We get a lot of lonely people, who never see anyone else. This is somewhere for them to meet other people, to share stories and have a laugh.”

Christine agreed that seeing people become regulars at the Monday lunch club gives them a sense of pride: “One man told us how he lives in a tent near the centre of town. Listening to him, and how he found his way here to us, made me happy.”

Christine added: “I knew I’d be helping people. I also love working in the kitchen with Doris and our other colleagues. It can be hard work, but we help and look after each other.

“We make a very good team.”

Volunteer with the Salvation Army

Visit The Salvation Army website to find out more about volunteering opportunities.

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